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triscabob asked: David Tennant or Matt Smith

It’s difficult to describe your own personality. I’d say tall, skinny and Scottish. That’s the basic design of me and pretty accurate actually. I’m not painting a pretty picture am I? Shall I lie? I’m devastatingly handsome – honest.
(Metro interview, 2009)


Johnny Farrell in Famous Last Words (S01E04)

"I bet you never sat with your mom at a Blackhawks game and saw some friends from school watching while she took her saliva and slicked back your hair ! Only you can’t tell her to stop ‘cause you’re afraid if you hurt her feelings she’s gonna abandon you too — shit my cock is smarter than I am and I gotta deal with finding my goddamn dad !"

@MrJakeJohnson: I just said “whatever dude” to my computer because it wasn’t loading a video fast enough.

I realy love this man

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"I’m fine

Can you not?


Love this scene